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                                                            Your idea shouldn't stay in your head! Let's get it out!

Specialist in Coaching ideas of individuals and Complete Reorganization of your company

We coach people and companies to decide the best way to build their ideas :

Free Skype/Phone call or Face-toFace meetings all around the World : Why? Your idea shouldn't be shared with hundreds of people as long as it is not well developed. You need to have steps ahead anyone

- We do assist you because we also believe in your project:
* Do you need to keep your Job ? Change it right away ?

* Product and Design: we help you to find the good person to help you where you are not the best. Do not do all by yourself

* Distribution of your product and Marketing: We do analyze with you the impact your product/Service could have on the market

- Money-Money: Always the biggest issue? Not really.  How are you going to finance your project? Here again we have professional advices and let you know if your project seems viable.
Banks? Investors? Private money? Let's decide together.

Why should we work together?

- We will become your private coach / partner and we'll share our ideas together to go ahead and help you to see your product on the Market. We will work as a team

- We come from Europe, Switzerland so we have International contacts and experiences. Swiss works and products are known worldwide for its exceptional quality (watches, medical devices, Universities,...)

- We can be present online for you or right next to you at your home / Office

- We help companies and individuals in Europe and now our new challenge is also to be present and to help "product owners" to start in the most exciting startup area of the World: San Francisco ! We do believe in small products/services to be the next huge known Worldwide Product.

We do believe in you first and we'll be proud to be with you on your own way of success!

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